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My Friends<3


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Bird song rang over the treetops as light danced through the leafless branches of the forest. Fall was a beautiful time of year, despite not knowing what it looked like, a blind she-wolf walked along familiar terrain. The area was right outside of Chandor territory, and was familiar for Jaci, despite being blind of course, she traveled here many times. Her herb grew around this area, but things were starting to die off the closer winter came, Jaci was very protective of what was left of her stash.
Her dead eyes, blank like a cloudy day, stared motionless into the distance. Many shivered when looking into the Shaman's eyes; as though she could see right through you.
The pale she-wolf sniffed loudly, catching the scent of what she was sure was basil, a remedy for inflammations. As she neared the area of her basil stash, Jaci suddenly realized that the sun was falling near the mountains, she could tell by the temperature drop in the air and the lack of warmth on her back.
I should head back to the den soon, not that the dark is any different than right now anyway.

Finding her basil plant, Jaci gave it a few sniffs, ensuring it was getting enough sunlight and water to last until winter. The herb was healthy, and with luck it would stay that way. Jaci yawned, stretching, deciding to take a short break from her travel. After a few minutes of rest, the fluffy blind she-wolf stood from her spot and began to walk in the direction she came, when the wind shifted and carried the scent of another wolf. Something seemed familiar about it, as though she had smelt this scent before.


Blood dripped from his fur, the iron smell filled his lungs almost making him gasp for air. He was foolish staying in an area with a mother bear and her cub, the attack was quick and unseen. Sloan ran tail tucked and adrenaline pumping. The rush wore off too quickly, he wasn’t even close to her. ”Jaci.” his voice was strained and clumsy, he called out not knowing if the she-wolf was in this exact location. With each step he became weaker, tripping over his own legs he tumbled. Sloan blended in with the blanket of disturbed earth, he struggled to his feet ago—knowing staying awake was keen to his survival. Tired from the walk and blood loss Sloan took to leaning on the trees as he passed, the blood stained trees made the areas look like a blood bathe. Stumbling from the brush he had found who he was looking for, Jaci stood taking care of her plants, Sloan knew he could trust her and her abilities. ”Hey. How have you been.” he tried to play down his pain as to not worry her.


As Jaci stood, sniffing the air, she nearly jumped out of her skin when a familar voice called out to her.
The call seemed distant, and Jaci tilted her head, confused.
jaci shook her head. She must had been mistaken. She began to walk again when suddenly the voice came again, but this time, it was before her. ”Hey. How have you been.”

The voice and scent, it all came together like a puzzle now. The blind wolf had met this loner long ago, it was pure luck that the male ran into her like this.
"S-Sloan?!" Jaci was startled that the loner was there. Why was he looking for her? She was a little flustered that he even remembered her. Suddenly the near choking scent of blood filled Jaci's nostrils. The iron scent flipped her stomach, but she didn't let it scare her. She was used to this after all.
"What the- Sloan! What happened?" Jaci demanded racing over to the male, sniffing him about, careful not to touch him. She could scent where the blood was slipping, and the sound of it hitting the ground made her worry. Hes bleeding too much... I have to stop the bleeding.
Jaci cleared her throat. "Here lay down, I need to stop your bleeding." Jaci choked, sniffing the male more. He reeked of bear. Jaci waited until the male laid himself on the earth and pressed her nose against Sloan. He felt warm, but wet with blood. His body quivered from exhaustion, he would be unconscious soon if he didn't stop bleeding.
Despite being blind, Jaci had been trained since she was very young to treat this exact sort of situation. The pale she-wolf quickly began to put pressure on the wound. It was a large gash in Sloan's side, near his pelvis. Luckily, the bear didn't hit any important organs or arteries, Jaci would hopefully be able to stop the bleeding before it was too late.

"I can't believe you found me out here." Jaci smirked slightly, shaking her head. Didn't this guy get tired of being out by himself? Jaci could feel the sun over head fading. Once she got the bleeding to stop, she knew she would need to find Sloan some cover.


His breathing was heavy and he had no complaints about being told what to do. Wincing he rolled to the floor roughly, this was no time for grace. The urgency in her voice told Sloan the wound had been terrible, she acted quickly putting pressure on him. Sloan hollered in pain trying to use his forelegs to push her off him. The pain and scent were too much he was getting dizzy. ”Ha. I know imagine if I didn’t.” He joked but it wasn’t very funny he knew full well what would’ve happened if she wasn’t there in time.

He let her work but he wasn’t the best patient, he’s usually able to care for himself, but this was beyond the small things he picked up here and there. ”Let me see what you’re doing. Wait don’t use that, I heard there was better stuff.” Sloan was too inclusive in his own care getting in the way mostly. Even in this situation he wanted to learn.  


At least he still had his humor.

At the pressure, Sloan squirmed and whined, his back legs franically kicking in pain. Jaci frowned, and snorted in warning, "Hold still- you big baby." Of course, she figured this was extremely painful, but she had pups with broken limbs acting betting than this.
It took a few minutes, but the bleeding slowed from a gushing to a slow slip from the wound. This gave Jaci some time to get this guy some herbs. She told Sloan she would be back and raced off into the forest, hoping he would be alright on his own for a few minutes. Being blind wasn't as bad as many figured it was. After all, Jaci's hearing and scent could surpass any blood hound's, and with age, she had learned to maneuver quickly and with ease through wooded forest without mistake.

Yarrow, yarrow- where is my yarrow?
AH! Jaci wagged her tail in pleasure as she found her yarrow stash. Picking a few bundles of the yellow flower and root in her jaws, she carefully and quickly  raced back to Sloan's aid.
Hes still okay, thank goodness.
Jaci began to chew the yarrow in her jaws. When applied to wounds, yarrow was the perfect herb to stop bleeding, prevent infection and even slow swelling.
Sloan began to argue and she let out a low sigh, "Sloan, I know what I am doing. I've done this for a very long time." At least he was talking, the more he talked, the more Jaci felt that he was alive and further from slipping away.
How did this happen?" she asked, as she began to lick the yarrow onto Sloan's wounds, cementing it to the gash.


Sloan watched Jaci run around gathering supplies, she had stashes of herbs hidden all over. He tried to steady his movements, the bleeding had almost stopped and he didn’t want to upset her work. She was right, she didn’t need any help from him and she worked quickly. Cleaning and covering the wound faster than he ever could, Sloan admired her tenacity. He smirked watching her work, ”Sorry you’re right you don’t need my help.” his tail wagged a little and the wound was slowly starting to hurt less.

She asked about the event that caused this, he wasn’t all too sure himself. ” I found the perfect den for myself, and before I could make it mine a mother bear came barging towards me I managed to scare her off once, but I guess she got me this time.” he sighed looking at the wound, with Jaci help it wouldn’t leave any permanent damage which he was grateful for. ”I’ll be out of your fur soon no worries, I just really needed some help and you’re the only one I knew that could help.”


After a while, Sloan began to stop his pestering, which gave Jaci a bit of a boost to be honest. She found her blindness problematic and was ruining the dull she-wolf's life. It was a live saver to discover herbs and healing, it gave Jaci a purpose and reason to keep going. It was an even better coincidence that she was any good at it.
"You got in a fight with a bear? You are a idiot Sloan. You need to be more careful!" she whined, her voice in a growl at the thought of a bear. "Loners, I swear all of you are so egotistical. Next time are you going to try and fly?" she joked smiling. Although she didn't know what she looked like when she smiled, it was a natural reaction to certain feelings for her. She hoped that others did the same.
Finally the bleeding yielded and Sloan was no longer in danger of bleeding to death, but great goodness he reeked of blood and flesh. Jaci frowned slightly and nudged the male. "Sloan... I've gotten the bleeding to stop... I don't want to move you very far, but I think there should be cover around here for the night." Jaci sniffed about the area, her whiskers and ears perking to the sounds bouncing off of objects as night began to swallow the sun. For Sloan, the forest was growing dark and yet he was still out in the open. The blind she-wolf finally caught scent of a badger, very stale, but the rock den was large enough for at least one wolf, not to mention at least it would serve as a place to sleep for the night.
Racing over to her'friend', Jaci nudged the male more, "Come on' I found a place for you to stay." She helped prob the male up, leading him towards the fallen boulders.

It seemed to take forever just to get the injured male into the den. Jaci wasted no time checking Sloan's wounds, touching them up before she ran off to gather moss to soak in a puddle for Sloan to drink from. Gosh, she was exhausted, Jaci was panting by the time she finally finished gathering things for Sloan for the night. "That should be enough to get you through the night." The pale she-wolf plopped down at the entrance of the den, panting from her running. "H-how do you feel?" she asked, scooching over to the male, prodding him with her nose, sniffing him all about.


Sloan finally had time to relax though Jaci was still on her toes, dancing around trying to make him more comfortable. He giggled at her worrisome face, but also admired the fact she didn’t let the fact she couldn’t see stop her from doing her job. She wasn’t helpless and didn’t let anyone see weakness in himself. Her smile soothed him and made him forget about the pain. ” It wasn’t like that, I would never fight a bear.” He felt slightly insulted. Jaci kept herself going peppy herself up and getting to the next job right after the other. After she found a den she helped Sloan once again, still fussing over his wellbeing, he leaned on her for support, but also felt he was just a burden.

The den she found looked small, but he was grateful she found it, being out at night with the thick smell of blood on his pelt was sure to bring predators to his location. ”Thank you I’m alright but you should be resting. I’ll be fine for the night how about you head back now, I don’t want your pack come looking for you and see all this blood they might get the wrong idea.” he reassured her.


Exhaustion was taking over, Jaci almost didn't want to leave the male on his own, afraid the scent of blood would attract predators, not that she could fight, but at least most animals were smart enough to stay away from a wolf.
"B-But!" she began to stammer, but Sloan was right, she would have to return to her pack. She frowned. "Alright... I'll go home, but I want you cleaned up first. I can't leave you out here smelling like freshly killed prey." with that, she wasted no time grooming the loner. Jaci was so used to being physical with other wolves, especially with Chandor and her previous pack, it never occurred to her that wolves didn't care to be cleaned by her. The blind she-wolf gently cleaned the wound once again, and lapped at the dried blood coated on Sloan's fur. Despite his awful stench of blood, Sloan smelled of pine and fresh earth. It would actually be a very touching moment if Jaci wasn't so concentrated on ensuring Sloan would survive the night.
It took a few minutes, maybe even a half hour to get the male done and clean, and Jaci could feel Sloan's gaze on her pelt, digging daggers into her. "You should be alright until morning. Please be safe, and get rest. I will return as soon as day breaks." Jaci told Sloan and she sight and turned to leave. "And Sloan, don't get into any bear fights while I'm gone." she smirked and slipped out of the den.

She started her way home, guilt and anxiety for the loner growing in her belly. Usually she wouldn't be so concerned over anyone's condition at that point, but he was a loner, out there in the dark by himself... didn't he grown lonely? Jaci thought of turning back, knowing Chandor would understand if she disappeared for the night, but would Tamarack and Artemis be alright knowing she didn't return? Jaci sighed, very frustrated now. Hes fine! Don't be such a worry wart! Jaci could smell Sloan on her fur, making her smile a little as she finally reached Chandor Pack den area. She made her way to her den, her nest soft and cool, but the smell of Sloan had followed her here.
I wonder why he chooses to be alone... Jaci closed her eyes, her thoughts lost to sleep.

It would take a few trips, but after that night, Jaci visited Sloan often, ensuring his wound was healing correctly. It took a week, maybe more for Sloan to get back to hunting, but Jaci always came to his den with small game from Chandor, of course her ration but she wanted him to eat. Sloan was quick to heal and return to his previous routine, but at least this time, the two were closer as friends.
A Spoonful of Yarrow

Jaci and Sloan meet again but this time, it's up to Jaci to ensure Sloan's safety after being attacked by a bear. The two have a bit of a better friendship now, and perhaps a neutral respect for one another.

Damn, I love these two <3 Way to fun to rp. 

Sloan (c) Pilgrimme
Jaci  (c) ipann

Soon, Adechausiku, the Goddess of the night would sweep the land in a nights embrace, but for now, the sun died over the western mountains. Its dying raise kissed the sky with beautiful colors. Reflecting those pinks and purples, orange glowing eyes peered though the dark overgrowth of Havir territory. They seemed to hold a deep stoic nature to them as a large dark wolf slowly approached the riverbed, twisting in the sunlight. Leaning down, the creature lapped at the water, it was freezing to the touch since it was only melted snow from the mountains surrounding Havir land.
Quidel figured he was alone, as he tried to be often so now a' days. He pushed most thoughts and efforts away, still in depression of loosing his previous to-be-mate. Her death laid heavily on his heart, but it was the Gods's way of saying their match was not to be. Quidel sat himself on a larger rock, a boulder in fact, and waited to watch the stars flicker into view. The large dark wolf let out a yawn before he proceeded to groom his front leg, unaware of dangers or other creatures that could be lurking about- until the sound of rustling in the bushes caught the wolf's attention. A deer, unaware of Quidel, slowly made her way out into the riverbed, drinking the water from the river. Quidel had to resist the erg to growl and chase after the doe, and instead watched her with beady orange eyes. He would wait, wait to see if she got closer, to see if she could be made an easy meal.


Approaching the river and unknowingly Quidel, her former fiancé, Malika made her way through the trees and uneven terrain of Havir's territory. She had smelled a doe earlier and wanted to see if the deer had returned to the river for a drink. As she approached the water, she found herself staring at Quidel instead of her prey, and it surprised her. They saw each other around the den sometimes, sure, however she didn't exactly seek him out, nor did she particularly enjoy his company. She was indifferent, really. Her duties as a Guardian kept her busy, she didn't have time for being social.

Usually, Malika would rather remove herself from this situation to avoid an unpleasant interaction with Quidel, however she could see him eyeing her kill, and she couldn't have that. She approached quietly, only making herself known when she climbed onto the rock beside him, careful not to startle the doe. Once she was close enough, she spoke in a soft, near-whisper, never taking her eyes off of the deer.

"Don't even think about it," she warned, though her tone was very calm."It's mine."


So close! Quidel could almost taste the new catch in his jaws when suddenly a wolf jumped up beside him. Of course it HAD to be her...
Malika was Quidel's ex-fiancé, both betrothed to one another by their parents when they were young, but the two disliked each other enough for the families to discontinue the prearranged mateship. The two never really got along well, and it was so foreign to Quidel for a female to act like Malika- it couldn't be right! Females shouldn't be Guardians! Thats a job for males who were large and strong- didn't females like to be nurses or priestess'?
"You'er mad if you think I'm letting you take that doe." Quidel challenged, but still kept his voice hushed, he didn't want to scare the deer away- after all, it would make a great meal and a good offering.
"What are you doing here anyway- buss off." the easily angered male spat, a low growl rising in his throat. Who did this female think she was! Coming over acting like she was Adezevah's reincarnation.
She was always so calm though... even when the two were still betrothed, and the two would bicker, she would always stay calm and collective, while Quidel would be snapping and fuming with rage- he wasn't very hard to get mad.


Huffing out a breath in irritation, Malika rolled her eyes at him. She was well aware of his opinion of her, of course, having been reminded of it repeatedly when they were still 'engaged', so to speak. It came up frequently in their daily arguments, as did his opinion on her becoming a Guardian, which wasn't all that surprising. Lots of males found her position in the pack strange, though she was one of the best Guardians they had. She was sure more than a few of them were intimidated, considering her unusually large size and skill level. After all, no one liked being beaten by a girl.

Personally, she had nothing against Quidel, however she was not fond of his attitude and the fact that her parents were trying to set her up, nor did she love him, which caused her to go against the wishes of her parents and ultimately their prearranged courtship. He had voiced his own distaste for it, of course, and in the end it was not meant to be.

"She's mine," Malika repeated sternly, finally looking at him to give him a slightly icy look, though her stoic expression did not change. "And, though it's none of your business, I was tracking that doe, 'till I saw you eyeing her. I've been waiting for her to come back here since yesterday."

She found the fact that he was so easily irritated quite amusing, to be frank, considering how hard it was for anyone to make her even raise her voice. She was the queen of calm, which made his aggressive nature all the more fun. He could try pushing her buttons, but it would fail, and here she was getting a rile out of him just by talking.


Quidel bristled at the she-wolf beside him. He wasn't a "sexist" but the male had a certain thought when if came to females. They were precious creatures, of course just as needed as males, but they give birth, bring new life to the pack, shouldn't they be protected at most cost? It seemed so counter-productive for Malika to be a guardian, not to mention, Quidel hated being beaten by anyone especially a girl. The male braced his legs, rolling his shoulders in a bouncing position. "Well tough shit Malika, I'm taking that doe home with me whether you like it or not."

Malika was a calm wolf, and it was admirable but to Quidel, he saw it as a silent challenge. The male suddenly lunged from the boulder, alerting the doe who was drinking from the river. As though waiting, the doe took off with extreme speed and agility, trying to lose the slobbering wolf at her heels.
Quidel was close to being able to snap his jaws on the fragile leg of the doe, he opened his jaws ready to clamp down when suddenly the doe took a sudden turn into the forest on the right, disappearing into the brush. Quidel was right on her heels and leapt into the overgrowth only to be suddenly smacked in the face by a large tree hidden by the ferns. The sudden impact sent him whimpering backwards and the doe gone for good. The dark wolf rubbed his sore nose with his paw, his eyes water and a small whimper escaping his jaws as he shook the throbbing pain off. "Ouch..." he managed to get out before rubbing his sore nose again, looking around to see if Malika had followed him and the doe.


Listening to his words, Malika couldn't help but feel a bit irritated by him. He was so... difficult. Always looking for a fight. She did not want to argue about the doe, rather she preferred it if she could carry on with her hunt, but he seemed insistent that it was his, which was not going to fly with her. "Oh, no you don't," she muttered to herself as she lunged for her kill, taking off after him.

The chase was easy, however she was forced to stay behind Quidel, considering her large size. A smaller female would have been able to duck around him, but she was nearly identical to him in height and weight, and so maneuvering around his bulk was going to be difficult. She was lucky not to be the one in front, however, as suddenly the doe turned and Quidel smacked headfirst into the tree hidden behind the brush. As she slowed to a stop behind him, Malika watched the deer go with a sigh. Oh, well. Better luck next time.

Turning her attention to her packmate, Malika approached him and bumped his paw away from it with her muzzle so she could take a look. "It doesn't look bad. I've had worse," she noted as she examined him, her expression still betraying nothing other than her obvious concentration. It softened, however, when she spoke again. "Are you alright?" She was not a typically kind nor compassionate female, but Quidel was part of her pack, her family, and therefore his well being was just as important as anyone else's. Being a Guardian, the safety of the pack and the alpha fell to her and her comrades. It was just habit to make sure he was alright.


With a little nudge of her nose, Malika removed Quidel's paw from his nose. The nose looked a little swollen and bled lightly, nothing to panic about, but Quidel was sure he had broken the damn thing with how hard he hit that tree, that or lost some brain-cells, either way, it hurt.
The she-wolf got very close to Quidel, enough to where he could smell her scent and feel her breath on his skin from the distance she was at. The darker male gulped awkwardly before turning away, taking her kindness with a grain of salt. "I'm fine... thanks." he muttered. Quidel was never good about being around others, but he was far worse since Nova's death... especially around females.

The darker male stood up and shook out his fur and snorted, "Damn... she got away..." The sky over head was turning dark and the stars already were playing about in the dying red sky. Quidel turned to Malika and scoffed, "Well you followed that deer all the way to the river only to lose it- sorry I guess that was my fault." the brown wolf grumbled. He wasn't one to admit he was wrong but he felt a little bad that he was the reason she lost the meal- an offering that the Gods would have thought highly of. I lost another hunt... I really must be cursed...


Malika was slightly amused by how he had hurt himself, but she only showed it by giving a slight smile, something she did not do often. Usually, she was stoic and typically had a neutral expression, but now she let herself show the faintest signs of amusement. He would live, she decided, though it looked like it hurt.

"Of course," she replied to his thanks, shrugging her shoulders. She didn't notice how close she was to him, honestly, and didn't really make any attempt to move away, instead only turning her head to look towards where the deer had run off. It would have made a nice meal, but she figured there was a reason for its loss. Perhaps she would get another chance later.

Shrugging again, Malika returned her attention to Quidel, her expression back to its usual neutrality. "That's alright," she said, giving another faint smile. "We'll get another chance."


Malika hardly ever smiled, maybe when the two were closer and were pups- before they were betrothed, she may have smiled and played- but she hardly ever did, so it was nice to see amusement in the usually cold and harsh shell she wore. Quidel almost returned the smile, but instead gruffly shook his head and glanced towards the sky overhead. "I'm becoming a Guardian tomorrow." the male informed her, not that she should care, but he thought, since they would both be at the same rank, it would be important to have tips and help. After all, the two were almost the same size, they were almost equal in strength as well. Making allies were not his strong suite, but he supposed Malika was the closest hes ever had to a friend. "Is being a guardian difficult?" he asked, curious at first but snorted as though he didn't care what her answer was. He pretended to be such a hard ass all the time, you would think he got sick of it after a while.


Malika's ears went up when he spoke again, curiosity coming over her. A Guardian? They would be comrades, then. They weren't close, not anymore anyway, but it would be nice to have a slightly more familiar face around. She didn't speak much to the other Guardians outside of when they were on duty, and as such she didn't have any friends among them. Quidel was not her friend, exactly, but they had known each other a very long time, which was nice.

She smiled again, ever so faintly, and shrugged, looking at him with an amused expression. "It has its challenges. Nothing you won't overcome, though, I'm sure," she said. They were similar in build and strength, so if she could do it, she was sure he could as well. "I'll still be able to kick your ass, though," she added teasingly, giving him a light shove with her paw.

After a moment, however, she frowned a little. "But you see things. Awful things, sometimes. It might stick with you." She had been young when she found her first body on the borders, during one of her patrols. Back then she was much more easily affected by these things, and it had stayed with her for awhile. Now, she tried not to let things get to her, but the job was taxing at times even still. Especially considering saving and protecting the alpha's life frequently fell to her and the other Guardians' shoulders.


It sounded strange since the two butted heads like male beta fish, but Malika was the closest Quidel had come to a best friend. He snorted, glancing around, avoiding the female's gaze. But her playfulness at least calmed his usually angry nature. "Yeah right- let's get back already ya flea bag." Quidel rolled his amber eyes before standing up again, his nose still thumping but it was starting to subside. It was when Malika mentioned the awful things he may see and he felt his heart freeze. "Nothing could be too much for me know." the male said gruffly before stomping towards the Main den. Not even bothering to give Malika a second glance. All he could think of was her...
Her and her beautiful smile and face... how it was all his fault she was taken away.... why he death was so slow and painful and horrible... It was Quidel's fault... nothing would change that... but working towards forgiveness was all he could look to in his life now.
Finally after a few minutes he looked behind him, looking to see if Malika was following, "You coming or what?" his voice was in a low growl, as unfriendly as always.


Malika eyed him for a moment as he stood, snorting when he insulted her. She took no offense, of course, considering this was just how their relationship worked. This was how it always had been, actually. They always bickered like an old mated pair, despite the fact that they were both so against the idea. It was kind of ironic, not to mention amusing.

Regardless, he was a friend, or the closest thing she had to one. They had known each other for a very long time, and surprisingly he knew her best out of most of their packmates. She was glad he was to become a Guardian. She'd be proud to stand alongside him.

"I'm coming," she grumbled as she caught up to him, giving him a light shove. "Race ya home?" she suggested, always up for a good competition between them.

Meeting Again Is like A Slap To The Face

- idek what it up with that title-

RP between Malika and Quidel, done like AGES AGO but not posted until now. 

Malika (c) :iconanhurs:
Quidel (c) Me
Had Worse by ipann
Had Worse

*I ship these two so hard wtf*

AHEM- Malika and Quidel after Quidel was a dork and jumped into the overgrowth, smacking his poor nose on a tree chasing a deer. Malika was sure to let the guy know he was a fool, but there was a hint of actual concern from her ;)

If you read the history of these two, you will see that when they were young, they were betrothed by their parents, but it was broken off by how much the two argued and I'd like to think that the families got into an argument and broke off the engagement between their children. Anyway, I've been DYING to draw lovely Malika, that beautiful girl, and not to mention, I don't wanna get kicked for inactivity haha. I know this picture sucks, I will be sure to draw better stuff later.

DotW | Malika by Anhurs (c) Anhurs
Art and Quidel (c) Me
To Teach Is To Learn by ipann
To Teach Is To Learn

Adorable Tamarack and Jaci, since Jaci is the only Shaman in Chandor, that means Tamarack is her 'Apprentice' and the two would spend a lot of time together.
I felt like this was a nice picture of the two, and gave me a chance to say sorry to lovely Spicybuns for neglecting our rp that we started and I've failed HORRIBLY to reply to.
I feel that Tamarack is the little Princess of Chandor, and being a student to Jaci, she would see her as family, a Niece in a way. 

so 'Aunty' Jaci and Lil Tamarack enjoying the autumn day, probably learning a little bit about one another and about what herbs grow in that season. 

DotW - Application: Tamarack by Spicybuns(c) Spicybuns
Jaci and Art (c) Me
DOTW (c) Dotw Staff and Admins

Copyright Statement 2 by Sophibelle
Homestuck has ruined my life.

That is all. Goodnight. 

its a mad world.....

Paint Tool SAI Stamp by EnergyzedPhotoshop Stamp by mushir

★Occupation: ♥ Knight Of Heart ♥

★Skills: Shittiest person on the planet

★Interests: Hometsuck, animals, food, sleep, role playing, music, etc.

★Animal: All Animals

★Fandoms Portal, Homestuck, Adventure Time, Pokemon, Soul Eater, Okami, Night Vale, High School of the Dead, Black Butler, Skyrim, Legend of Zelda, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Naruto, etc. You name it, I probs love it.

What do you want to see more from me? 

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xXInkyHeartlessXx Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Yo ~

Pan-pan its me lilyleo X3 how are you?
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Wolf-Chalk Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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glitchkitt Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey I was wondering if you started my commission yet? ^^; Because I might want to change it. If not, that's great! If you have, you can continue with it haha
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LadyLirriea Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
im thinking of commissioning you
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Nightambush Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Can I get a character design commission? Your art is to beautiful to resist :)
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