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KKT Yoko Fuyu by ipann KKT Yoko Fuyu by ipann

1/24/14: Fixed info from her pervious app- getting ready to turn her in c:





Yoko Fuyu


Full Name: Yoko Mi Fuyu
Maiden Name: Fuyu
Nickname/s: Yo

Gender: Female

Species: Cat/Feline

Breed: Japanese Bobtail
Age: 26 (Adult)

Birthday: June 11th
Occupation: Waitress At Night Club

Looks/Body: Miss Fuyu is a slender and petite built she-cat. She has a frail frame and shorter roundish tipped ears. Long white whiskers stretch out of her ears and her muzzle next to her blossom pink nose. She head pure black hair that she keeps kept up in two red chopsticks. Being a Japanese Bobtail, Yoko’s tail is nothing but a darling fluff ball, much like a rabbits or deer’s. This frail she-cat is lightly patched with light brown and black patches only found on her face, ears, and on her butt and tail. She has very slanted eyes to match her Asian breed and ancestry that are a stunning orange with yellow around the iris of the pupil. Other things that are recognizable about this she-cat is her make up that she loves to wear. Red is one of her favorite colors and really shows off her white color, so red lipstick lines her lips and red eye shadow is perfectly applied to her eye-lids. She hardly ever goes or does anything without her favorite make up. Sometimes, she is found with pretty fake cherry blossom hair clips in her black hair, as shown in her application.

:bulletpink:Red lipstick and Eye-shadow
:bulletpink:Pink cherry blossom hair clips

:bulletpink:Cutie blue and white Japanese School Girl Uniform *To make her feel young*

Attitude: (Inappropriate) (Quick-Tempered) (Rude/selfish) (Flirty) (Innocent) (Accepting)
:bulletpink:[Inappropriate]- You might be curious about why such a she-cat would be in anyway vulgar, but its true. Starting from a very young age, Miss Fuyu began to become a sex addict and although she tries to hide her addiction, she often ends up talking about inappropriate and vulgar things. Also the fact that she learned all her English through watching Porn and children Television, only supports the fact that those are the only English words the girl knows, and she often uses words that are very… unneeded. You can also catch her saying curse words and naughty things in Japanese, hope you have Google translate. Although she is a sex addict, she doesn’t give off the thought she is. She may act inappropriate but she refuses to admit she has a problem and yearns for her addiction. She has never told anyone about her problem.

:bulletpink:[Quick-Tempered]- This girl may come off as quiet and strong, but one things is for sure, she has a tongue like a King Cobra. She can understand most English words and will reply in the best way possible, but if there’s anything she learned from her studies in English, it was when she, or someone else is being insulted, or is she should be offended, and how to reply in the most angry and frightening way possible, despite her small size. Her bark is much worse than her bite, at least I think. She can come off as cold to some, but usually she is very calm and accepting of others, unless they do something unwise and in that case, she might flip a b!tch.

:bulletpink:[Rude/Selfish]- After her long years in a all girls school in Japan, there’s another thing this darling she-cat has learned, and its that you got to fend for yourself and don’t give away what you need. She doesn’t like to share, especially her sex partners and this often makes her come off as selfish and jealous. But don’t worry, this trait can be over looked, it should have been categorized with Quick-tempered but since it applies to different situations I thought I would put it into its own category all together. This trait only really goes into play if Yoko honestly dislikes a character she is meeting, and its usually for a reason.

:bulletpink:[Flirty]- This she-cat, being a sex addict, thinks very similar to a highly testosterone producing male during puberty and comes off towards males and females alike as a flirty and charming character. She loves to make you feel good out of hopes it will benefit her in the near future.
:bulletpink:[Innocent]- Yoko does not make the fact she has an addiction to sexual content and etc apparent. She acts much like a child and plays the innocent card well. As much as she enjoys insulting others, she isn’t one to actually do harm and more often than so is kind to others (this isn’t so all the time though). Her innocent trait is the complete opposite of her secret nature of being perverted and inappropriate, and this is the main nature that comes off when you first meet her. Its when you truly get to know her that she comes off as a pervy ga'll. 

:bulletpink:[Accepting]- If there is anyone to discriminate others, it is NOT Yoko. She accepts everyone for who they are, whether they are male, female, transgender, mean, kind, sad or happy, big or small, ugly or beautiful, she doesn’t judge. It is very admirable, her acceptance of even the strangest of characters, but she does this because she finds them very similar to herself. They all have secrets and embarrassments that they keep inside, and that is what makes them all cats, and that shouldn’t change the fact that no one is perfect, and should be loved for their faults.

:bulletpink:Before Birth- 
Miss Fuyu’s parents were joined together by their families to keep the Fuyu clan in Japan clean and strong. They wanted wealth and pride to be imported to their family, creating a very high expectations for Yoko and her younger sister when they were born. Yoko’s mother was a quiet woman, little to say or teach her children or others, merely marrying Choji (Yoko’s father) to bring honor to her family and to the Fuyu clan. Although they didn’t consider each other love matches, Choji and Mitsaki did not hesitate to keep the blood line of the Fuyu clan pumping and soon Yoko was born only a few months after Choji and Mitsaki’s marriage. 
Yoko was placed into a very strict and all-girls school in Japan, learning only Japanese for a few years of her life, learning the ways of a gentlewoman and honor. But you see, Miss Fuyu was not your, natural bobtail, she hated everything that had to do with being proper and keeping her blood and family proud. She wanted to have fun, explore, and it wasn’t until she was twelve that her mother became pregnant with her little sister Haruna that her parents were so caught up in work and their next child that Yoko snuck out and saw her first rated R movie. Of course, she was memorized by the “sex scene” in the movies, and became very fascinated with female anatomy and sex. At first, she was very reluctant of the idea of being interested in such things her parents would very much disagree with, but as time went by she accepted her interest but kept it very secret.
:bulletpink:Teenage Years-
This point of the story is partially more depressing than most of Yoko’s silly history. After she turned fourteen, her very strict teacher from her all-girls school caught her reading a banned Manga (It was Yaoi to be exact) and she was reported to her family. Her mother and father were so disappointed in their daughter who was supposed to help carry on the healthy Fuyu blood-line and marry a very distant Fuyu cousin in the near future. They did not see their daughter doing such inappropriate things, and of course Yoko’s hate and sharp tongue seemed to smack her way through the rest of her teenage years under harsh rule of her parents, praying that one day she would be free. At seventeen, Yoko met another she-cat at her school who seemed very interested in Yoko. The two seemed to be very confused about their feelings for each other but began to have very admirable feelings and in a way, fell in love. The two spent every waking moment together, and this also began the real sex-drive that Yoko had under her innocent and sharp tongued nature. It didn’t take long for the two girls to be caught and Yoko was taken out of school to be homeschooled for the rest of her educational career. She never got to see her significant other every again.
Yoko was finally allowed to leave the house for more than an hour a day now that she had turned 20, but her parents expected her to be working and attempting to make them proud while she was away. Thus began Yoko’s short-lived prostitute phase. Being addicted to sex, she did all in her power to get it, whether it was from a male or female, she wanted it. And not to mention she returned with money in her wallet and her parents expected her to be working, just not like that. It was only a few months until Yoko was confronted by her family and told that she was to be engaged to a tom by the name of Takashi Fuyu, a very distant cousin, related by marriage or something along those lines. She refused, not wishing to marry anyone, especially not someone she had never even heard of until now. Out of desperation to escape her family’s strict household, Yoko ran away from home, taking the first plane to the United States of America where she resided in one of the most carefree areas in all of America. LA. After living in a hotel for a while, she started learning English by watching kid shows on the television and watching porn in her free time. She knows how to speak English, much better than most that come from her back story but she often says words that don’t exactly, belong in a sentence, so her grammar is far off. She has refused to get into contact with her family and does not know of their whereabouts. She spent a year in Las Vegas, learned more English, and became a pretty good waitress too. But she grew bored and her family was starting to get hints of her whereabouts so she moved, to protect herself. Yoko decided being in a smaller remote town would keep her from being discovered and she currently is allowed to work as a waitress at the Night Club in Kitty Katty Town.

:bulletpink:Mother: Mitsaki Ryuko
:bulletpink:Father: Choji Fuyu
:bulletpink:Siblings: (Little Sister) Haruna Fuyu
:bulletpink:Wife/Husband: NONE


Sexuality: Bisexual/Straight






-Cherry Blossom

-How American’s sound


-Uniforms/Anime style cloths

-Things that remind her of home



-Suck ups

-The hateful

-American slang

-Cheese burgers

-Her family

-Being forced to do anything she doesn’t want to


-Sex Addict

-Lack of known English


-Looks very young



-Good cook

-Video games

-Martial Arts

:bulletpink:Thick Japanese accent, if you don’t understand her, please feel free to ask me what she said.
:bulletpink:Red is Yoko’s favorite color
:bulletpink:Yoko is secretly a Sex addict and she comes off very perverted at times.
:bulletpink:Yoko tries to not get attached to others out of fear
:bulletpink:Yoko hates kits
:bulletpink:Yoko loves video games! If you dont want to have sex with her, video games are the key to her heart<3
:bulletpink:This she-cat LOVES Anime! She reads Manga, watches Yaoi, and even diggs Hentai. She maybe an odd ball but at least shes cute about it.
:bulletpink: although Yoko is a sex addict, she always comes off as kind and innocent when you first meet her, she believes first impressions are untrue but very useful if you want to make friends.
:new:-You can also catch her saying curse words and naughty things in Japanese, hope you have Google translate.

-Theme] Hotmess -Natalia Kills
-Theme] Homewrecker- Marina and The Diamonds 
-… ] Alice Human Sacrifice- Vocaloid
-… ] Black Paper Moon- Soul Eater Opening
- Teen Idle-Marina and the Diamonds


:bulletpink:Role Play Example: (From TVL)

The day was fading away into night, and the casino was still lively with cats and ringing slot machines. The sky was painted in a dark blue that faded into a deep space black, the only light visible for miles was the bright Vegas lights that decorated the city. Yoko had realized America was a strange place, much different than Japan. She found it difficult to understand and communicate with others, she sure wished she would learn English more fluently. Being a waitress in another Country was not an easy task, but the Asian she-cat was taking one day at a time and was hanging up her waitress apron in the staff room, adjusting her darling black hair and red make-up before retiring to the Hotel’s casino. Yoko tip toed to the dining area where she-cat dancers wore flashy clothing and showed off to the toms below. Yoko, wanting to understand more American culture sat at a table, her paws supporting her head as she watched the dancers. They were beautiful to a degree but there was not much that came to mind when she saw half- naked she-cats showing off to others. ” Kaburi-tsuki.” The she-cat snorted to herself, insulting the show-girls before turning her head to a handsome tom across the way. Her slender body made its way to the tom, her slanted eyes flashed with a stunning orange, yellow lining her pupils. ”Konichiwa mister. May- join you this evening?” she asked, her English rusty and new, but still the tom agreed. She knew that coming to work at this joint might have been the best decision she ever made.
Skype: :bulletgreen:OPEN:bulletgreen:
Chat: :bulletyellow:ASK:bulletyellow:
Note: :bulletgreen:OPEN:bulletgreen:

Tumblr: N/A yet
Alternate Account: N/A yet
Meme's: N/A yet

Yoko Fuyu (c) ipann
:iconkitty-katty-town: (c) KKT Staff



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Note or skype hun? c:
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