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December 31, 2013
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Serpentshiss COTN App by ipann Serpentshiss COTN App by ipann


- Clan - Description -

Name: -Serpentshiss: A large brown tom with dark markings, white patches, large ears with fluff tips and icey blue eyes.
Prefix / [Serpents] Born into Rapid Clan, Serpentshiss was named after his Grandfather Serpentstrike who died moons before Serpentshiss's birth.
Suffix / [Hiss] One of the most known things about Serpentshiss is his ability to talk his way out of a fight and his amazing battle cry and hiss during battle.

Age: (3 Years) 36 moons
Sex: Male
Breed: Maine Coon +Other mix
Orientation: Everything And Everyone ;D (Bisexual)
Belief in StarClan: 45%
45% progress bar - star blue by AngelLale87


Clan: Rapid Clan
Rank: Warrior
Past Mentor: Otterscry [Deceased]
Current Apprentice: N/A
Past Apprentices: Reedpaw [Deceased]



    Aloof- Serpentshiss is known to be very very aloof in the sense he likes to slack off and not get stuff done. Hes very lazy and is actually disliked by most in his clan for his lack of enthusiasm to do his duties and to follow orders. Its not that he doesn't want to do them, its more or less he feels that he has better things to do than his duties. Its just how he was raised I assume. When asked to go on patrols, he does, its just his lack of actually doing anything. During battle Serepentshiss is even lazy, he tries to talk his way out of fights and often ends up getting the sh*t beat out of him for it too. Many think he is foolish because of it, but really, he just hates violence, and again, is a lazy bum.
   Calm- Because Serpentshiss has always been a lazy cat, hes also known for being very peaceful and calm. His calm nature came from his lovely mother Echoingstream. Even when approached with rude and angry cats, he continues to keep a calm and collective. Serpentshiss is hardly seen getting into heavy arguments, he is calm even when hes irritated. But despite his calm nature being of a weak trait, it saves him from being killed at times and even helps get the ladies to enjoy his company more than they might if it were someone with a more annoying personality. So it may seem negative to some, but its actually something that Serpentshiss enjoys about himself.
   Clever-Being cocky and full of himself, Serpentshiss is very aware of how clever he is and how smart he might be. He's wise in the sense that he knows how to talk himself out of situations and in the way that he is smart about battles and hunting. He tried to put himself into other animal's paws to see where he would be hiding if he were a mouse for example. He also tries to find the weak spots of his opponents through manipulation and verbal nonsense to trick others. Serpentshiss is often seen setting up traps or planning out ambush hunting attacks for prey and battles. 
   Charming-  Serpentshiss is a very charming and well known talker in the Clans. He is a lover, not a fighter, but the more he is rejected, the more he wants you. He is a known flirt of the clans and this is what Serpentshiss is known for. Throughout all the clans, everyone knows to stay clear of Serpentshiss and his flirtatious nature, and ability to charm you. He enjoys making others feel good and making them feel wanted, he also just likes how it feels to experience any sort of attraction and love (Although hes never been in love before). Because he is so flirty and charming, getting she-cats pregnant and getting in trouble with other toms is completely natural for him- which... is actually pretty bad to be honest. 
   Disloyal- It's not that Serpentshiss doesnt love his clan, its just that his fascination with love and she-cats is very over whelming and he even tries to get with girls that aren't in his Clan! This is the problem with his loyalty, its not that he would shed every drop of blood for his clan, its the fact that he cant even stay loyal to his clan mates to follow the warrior code. Another disloyal thing Serpentshiss does is the fact that he loves the ladies so much that he flirts with even the taken cats! Just because you have a mate and kittens don't mean you might wanna give him a try, or at least, that's what runs through his mind.
   Cocky- Arrogant, self centered, overly confident in himself, what can I say? Hes sexy and he knows it. He was born to put himself before others and through his, he believes hes a center of the party which to most is sooooo annoying, like seriously, what a cocky jerk. Serpentshiss's is a show off and aims to be in the spotlight all the time, cocky and a know it all- hes very easy to dislike as easy as it is to like him, if not easier. 


-Lack of stamina 
-Sex and love
-Heat and lack of water
-Aloof personality

*The ladies <3

*Windy weather *it messes his fur*
*Dry areas
*Suck ups

[Before Birth]
Serpentshiss's parents were a strong Maine coon tom named Lynxsnap for his fluffy coat and lynx tipped ears. His mother- was a beautiful white she-cat named Echoingstream, a Gatherer really. In the beginning, the two felt only attraction towards one another, not love but as the moons went by and suddenly two years had passed, Lynxsnap realized he wasnt going to be young forever and he also was never going to be with anyone other than Echoingstream. He asked her to be his mate, and with little to no hesitation, she agree with the terms of letting them bare kits the coming months. Lynxsnap agreed, and the two were expecting during the middle of summer. When the Winter Months came, Echoingstream gave birth to five beautiful kits, four males names Lushkit,Serpentskit, Ringkit, and Silentkit- and a darling little girl names Softkit. The kits were beyond beautiful but Lynxsnap wanted little to do with his children, for it was only a requirement for them to be born to him.
Kit hood was easy and good, and Serpentskit had a great relationship with his siblings especially his little brother, Lushkit. All five kits were like any other- running in and out of the nursery and out from under other Clan member's paws. Playing in the fresh kill pile and causing havoc through out Rapid Clan. You know- the normal kit stuff. But as the kits grew, Echoingstream became very displeased with her mate and how little he involved himself with his children. The kits wanted the tom in their lives but didn't understand what the issue that he didn't was. Its just childhood issues really. After five months, Echoingstream took Lynxsnap out on a talk to get him to participate in parenthood, but the tom disagreed, causing Echoingstream to rush off into the forest without her mate. The tom grew a little worried about her and went looking for her, but when he found her, she had been caught in a fox trap and suffocated to death. Not only did Echoingstream leave her mate, but she left her children without a mother. After this- one of the she-cats in the nursery helped nurture the kits until the next moon, but not before the leader forced Lynxsnap to step it up and be a father for once in his life. 
After his mother's demise, Serpentskit had to be the big boy for his siblings since he was the first born and tried to help take care of them all. It helped when their father started to commit himself to them and actually turned out loving them more than he expected. A moon after Echoingstream's death, the kits were made apprentices and given their mentors. Serpentspaw was given to Otterscry, a cranky old tom who had multiple apprentices in the past. He trained Serpentspaw, but the two never grew close like most mentors and apprentices. It was an unfortunate battle after a full season cycle of apprenticeship that Serpentspaw's real world would change forever. It was a gloomy thundering day and Rapid Clan was in a battle, during the battle, Serpentspaw not only got scared on his nuzzle and his butt, but his brother died in combat. It was a devastating blow, and Serpentspaw tried to escape the fight with his brother's body but in the end, he got knocked asside and his brother bled to death on the battle floor. That night, the leader of Rapid Clan gave Serpentspaw, Ringpaw, Silentpaw and Softpaw their warrior names, Serpentshiss Ringdust, Silentstrike and Softpelt. Their brother was buried and given vigil that night along with the naming ceremony. 
Serpentshiss lost his brother and his mother, but it was time to be an adult- well at least it started out that way. Once he became an adult, he found himself fooling around with multiple she-cats through out the clans. Two of the she-cats were in his clan, Rabbittail, a lovely stubbed tail she-cat which broke up with Serpentshiss once she caught him flirting around with another pretty orange she-cat named Sunbloom. Sunbloom caught Serpentshiss fooling around with a Rocky Clan she-cat, Yellowflower, and thus all three had to end the relationship. It was a complicated thing really, so I suppose you can say that Serpentshiss is very experienced in relationships. After that, the tabby tom took a break from committing to anything and didn't ask others to be his mate or future mate. During his adulthood, the tom was given an apprentice, Reedpaw, a young russet tom with an eagerness to learn from the large warrior. Serpentshiss actually really felt a connection to the apprentice and the two grew close as brothers. It was a windy dark day when Reedpaw was trapt beneath the earth of a mudslide. It was a horrible death and left Serpentshiss with another broken heart. He fears getting another apprentice and loosing them. 

[Mother] Echoingstream
[Father] Lynxsnap
[Siblings] Softpelt[Female/NPC] // Lushpaw[Male/Deceased]//COTN: Ringdust by benzedrine-san//COTN: Silentstrike by pavrzlove


Current Mate: Single

Past Relationships:


Searching For:
Bullet; Red Searching for a Mate
Bullet; Green Neutral
Bullet; Red Not Interested

*Old Farts
*Desperate cats
*Unclean and un-kept she-cats
*Cats that act like him

*Odd colored eyes
*Young cats
*Long tails
*Weird and different- stubborn and mean cats<3

Roleplay availability:
✔Notes | -- 24/7 go for it <3 always open
✔Skype | -- Always open, my username is ipanther13
✔/✘ Chats | -- Ask me and if I'm free we can

Roleplay ratings
✔/PG | --Yupyupyup <3
✔ PG-13 | --All for it <3
✔M | -- Sure <3

With the morning still bright, and the sun still warm on his pelt- the large feline took steps nearer to the crook where his Clan thrived. He peered into the glistening water, eyeing himself, admiring himself, the usual, all through his reflection. Dark brown tabby tom, with beautiful icey eyes. What a lovely sight- he was so fair, and perfect, at least he knew most of the she-cats enjoy his company. When the sudden sound of leaves rustling, the tom turned to the nearest growth and watched a few birds take flight away from the feline. His large fluffy tail flicked in interest at the idea of prey beneath his paws and the sweet flesh being torn by his jaws. Saliva thickened in his mouth and he turned back to the rapid moving creek, his white paw dipped into the water, softly tickling the surface with elegance. Suddenly, a small fish got to close to the tom, his shadow hidden away from the fish's view. The tom swiftly snatched up the fish, sending it flying into the air, which he diligantly caught in his mouth, setting it on the earth at his feet, licking his chops of the fishy white taste of prey. He knew better than to eat without bringing back food to the clan, so Serpentshiss began to groom his fluffy white chest, watching as the sun grew higher in the sky. What a boring day.

Pacific Time Zone (PST)

Clansofthenorth (c) to SeekingLucidity
Reference Sheet (c) Elesette
Art/Character (c) [the respective copyright holders]

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