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May 25, 2013
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TGB Light Tribe Remus by ipann TGB Light Tribe Remus by ipann

UPDATE 1/11/14: Redrew San on a new app, added his new accessories, and updated his information. Oh btw hes open for rps and stuff c:




Name: Remus


Kit Name: San


Age: 0-1 Season Cycle


Tribe: Light Tribe


Rank: Apprentice/Kit


Skills: Secondary

Toxin Knowledge; Aching Headache; Aching Gut


Signature Move: N/A


SoulBound:  N/A



Kit: None

Blue: Gauges *size 18*

Blue/Green: Gauges *Size 00’* and labret

Green: unknown


Mate:   N/A


Past Crushes N/A


Kits: None

Health Status::bulletgreen:Well:bulletgreen:




Our young tom, Remus here is a small tom. Not thick like his father- nor thin like his mother. Hes just an in-between size and is a little bit smaller than his brothers. Remus is a lovely cinnamon color like his mother- a tad darker maybe. He has the frill in the front that his mother had- but his likeliness of trying to style it differently is high. He has brown sugar colored striped that line his front legs and his back. This color fades on his back legs and tail. He also has very sharp tipped ears like his mother. His eyes are not as beautiful as his mothers though, they resemble more of his fathers. He has a defined white underbelly that neither of his parents have a lot of. He has a very definite shadow like brown under his eyes that make him look very dark and angry- which he is. Remus has beautiful blue eyes just like both of his parents and has a noticeable snagged tooth.


Personality [HotHead] [Repugnant] [Grumpy] [Very Caustic] [Secret Softness]

{HotHead}  San is very hot headed. He can be easy to upset and when you do- be prepared to either get into a tooth and claw fight, or have him rant in your face about how you smell like crow food. His hotheaded nature might have come from his grandparents, but either way, it shows greatly in his personality, and in a way, makes it hard for others to enjoy his company. Because hes hot headed, he often doesn’t think before he acts, and bases his actions on his emotions. San doesn’t like to talk about why he is so easily angered, and honestly, it’s just how he views it all. Being born during the time of Caimans and being raised in Light Tribe, he saw a lot of things that were probably not suitable for kits, and I want to say it’s that reason why he is very negative but he also just might be that way for no reason at all.

 {Repugnant} In case you didn’t know, Repugnant means that your are very hard to get along with and very incompatible. No matter who you are, San is going to have a problem with you- even if you’re the perfect cat, he sees that you are flawed because you are shallow or dumb or to beautiful or lenient or angry or sad or- just stupid reasons. Because of this, he really judges cats on their first meeting, and has a harder time removing that image of your character. Remus really forces this upon himself though. After growing up with a loving mother and father and yet three litters of kittens being raised beside him, he felt it was hard to get that attention he wanted from his parents- so I would say that might be why he is hard to get along with; he doesn’t want to get along with anyone.

{Grumpy} Remus is- well… face it. He’s a grump. He is pessimistic and negative, and likes to insult others for his own amusement. Basically he’s a jerk- maybe even in the dictionary as jerk if you look hard enough.  Not the nicest cat, in fact, there’s just about nothing good to say about San/Remus whatever. He complains ALL the time and yells at others just for stupid reasons. Despite the hurtful things he says, I would like to think he says them and thinks them for not just the purpose of being an ass, but the purpose of trying to bring relief to himself, by insulting others is might be an attempt of reaching out for help even though he would reject it.

Caustic To be caustic is to be sarcastic in a bitter way. Throughout his kit hood, seeing his parents break up the way they did and the Caiman battle, it really messed the kid up. He was born being a very quiet and sweet kitten who loved his family, but the older he got the more he felt distant from his family and eventually he refused to have any connection to any of them, even his mother who he still loves. When cats talk to him, he is very sarcastic and unfriendly, not wanting anything really to do with anyone. He sorta wallows in his own despair, he does it to himself, and I can’t lie. Wow, all this information is repetitive, alright lets continue. Alright, yeah hes just very sarcastic and mean and grumpy and rude and merciless.

Secret Softness Inside…. Deep deep deeeeeeeeep deep deep deep -and did I mention deep, inside… San is an emotional and sad little kitten. He is still hurt by his parents break up and sees love as an evil thing. It just doesn't happen. There is no exception, its evil and wrong and hurts everyone involved, so despite how broken and sad San is.. he will NEVER admit hes in love with someone. Whether that is a sexual love or you’re his family, if you say “I love you” he will simply reply, “Oh uh.. yeah you too.” It may be a little off putting, but he is only scared.

:new: A new reason for San's nature is his mother's and older brother's recent death


Brief Back-story :

~ San’s parents are Maika (A current Orange-Air) and his father is Kehri- the Male Silver-Light. His parents have some problems with their relationship but they seem to push through all the bad stuff. San was born into a litter of four with his two other brothers and sister. He is a little distant to his family which is odd considering Maika is very attached to her family. During San’s kitthood, Kehri and Maika split up and this really affected Remus’s mother in a negative way, making him very protective of his mother and very against his father. When at his Ceremony of Light, San was name Remus and given the tattoo of Light Tribe- his worst nightmare, and he ran from his own ceremony. 

After running from the tribes, he found himself in Nightwatch Forest running into a unknown Gray-Air (Taluse), about the same age as him who wanted to join the tribes. San lead him to Air Tribe, but soon took off back into the forest. He was found by Kehri- his father, who forced him back to Light Tribe. Kooken, a Green-Light was assigned San's mentor and he began his training. Although, he still resents his father, the worst possible thing could happen to the kitten when news came of his mother's, Maika, and his older brother's, Emlyn, having died of a fox attack. This broke the young toms heart and made him even more concealed and stone hearted than he already was. 



:bulletblue: Has a tooth that shows through his mouth

:bulletblue: San doesn’t like his real name- Remus, and prefers to be called San even by his close friends.

:bulletblue: San’s voice actor would be similar to “Young Hercules” by Disney

:bulletblue: Despite how family orientated San’s mother is, he is very distant.


Meme’s: N/A

Favorite Color: Really enjoys hazel

Favorite Meal: Prefers rabbit

Voice Actor:…

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual *Sorry ladies*







- Grandmother(s) : Tzurai ( Deceased | Former Silver-Fire | ) & Candrima ( Status and Location Unknown | Black-Water )
Grandfather(s) : Nobuo ( Status and Location Unknown | Black-Water ) & Lefu ( Status and Location Unknown | Black-Air )

Mother : Maika ( Deaceased | Orange-Air )
Father : Kehri ( Alive | Yellow-Light )

Aunt(s) : Neiru ( Great Aunt || Deceased || Former Silver-Light )
Wren ( Deceased | Former Pink-Fire )
Nuri ( Alive | Orange-Fire )
Akarui (Deceased  | Former Orange-Fire )
Iris ( Alive | Orange-Earth )
Ameena ( Not Blood | Deceased | Former Orange-Light )

Uncle(s) : 
Orro ( Great Uncle || Deceased || Former Green-Shadow )
Ross ( Great Uncle || Deceased || Former Green-Air )
Soren ( Alive || Yellow-Earth )
Warrun ( Alive || Gray-Air )
Luca ( Deceased || Former Blue-Fire )
Leyvaten ( Deceased || Former Blue-Shadow )
Maze ( Deceased || Former Blue-Light )
Damian ( Not Blood || Deceased || Former Green-Shadow )
Coud ( Alive || Green-Water )
Sanguis ( Alive || Gray-Shadow )

Brother(s) : 
Weiland ( Half-Brother || Alive || Green-Earth )
Kazik ( Alive || Blue-Air )
Aven ( Deceased || Blue-Shadow )

Sister(s) : 
Amber ( Alive || Pink-Earth )

Cousin(s) :
(seeAmeenafamily)(Not Blood)

-Nieces and Nephews

Freya (Alive-Pink-Light)

Zodok (Alive-Blue-Shadow)

Apprentice/Mentor: TBA





Roleplay Availability:


Chat Rp- Pass me a note or comment! I will be sure to come to RP with you~

Note Rp- 24/7 pass me a note, dont even ask, I will 100% rp with everyone, its hard for me to get into a rp, so be patient with me. ^^;

Skype Rp- All the time~ pass me a request username is: ipanther13

Time Zone: Pacific Time Zone (PST)




Rp Example:



The noon sky was a grey cloud scene, one with the strong scent of freshly fallen snow that left the earth blanketed in white frozen cold. Prey was snuggled sleeping in their hiding places making the times for the Tribe cats, difficult and hungry. The Pink-Shadow appeared from the cave that she had been mineral collecting in, her coat covered in dirt and black coal residue. With a soft sneeze the she-cat shook out her coat, its pretty glossy look ruined by her everyday job  as a mineral collector’s apprentice. I look a mess! Well, I suppose the snow will help clean this off. Drew thought, prancing towards the Shadow Tribe exit. It was funny- to be with others again. It seemed like so long she had been with maybe one to five other cats and called them her family but now she lived with so many cats- she couldn’t even remember that many names. The pink-shadow left the Shadow Tribe and reached the neutral territory where a large pile of snow laid soft and read for Drew to just mess it up. “Perfect~” Drew purred and dived in, cleaning her fur of the soot and dirt that clung to it. After her dive and the quick cleaning. Snow now replaced the dirt and soot that once had hugged her fur like wet. Not far from her spot she found a large tree who’s roots sprang out of the earth in a coil of patterns, its thickness just large enough for Drew to sit on it and finish grooming as the clouds broke and small raise of sunlight dipped through the winter air.


TGB and Application sheet (c) The-Golden-Butterfly Staff

Character and art (c) Me 

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DigitalFeline 4 days ago  New member  Digital Artist
He's such a handsome boy, *pets*
Shoeboo Feb 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Care to possibly rp him and Chione?
ipann Feb 13, 2014   Digital Artist
sure! c: notes or skype?
Shoeboo Feb 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
 Notes are fine by me~ Do you want to start?
ipann Feb 13, 2014   Digital Artist
do you mind starting? ^^;
Shoeboo Feb 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
 That'd be fine~ Any specific location though?
ipann Feb 13, 2014   Digital Artist
lol nope- whatever you decide ^^
Shoeboo Feb 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Roozul Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
*whispers* we should totally rp him and Zuzu :3 <3
ps I totally want him to be my gay bff
ipann Feb 3, 2014   Digital Artist
omfg yes XD *shot*
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