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THK Kaluwa APP by ipann THK Kaluwa APP by ipann

Name: Kaluwa Paka

Name meaning: "The Forgotten One" "Kitten"

Age: One Cycle and one moon  (One year and one month old)

Gender: Female

Tribe: Crowded Water Loner

Rank: Hunter Tryo

Mentor/Tyro: N/A

Accessories: -Wooden gauges

-Eyes: Dark Chocolate Brown
-Nose: Rosey Pink
-Over View: A warm cream color with dark chocolate eyes, sometimes considered Doe eyes, Dark brown, nearly black colored markings, a warmer dark cream fade on her back, and a milk chocolate colored mane.

Personality: [Outgoing] [Humorous] [Clumsy] [Weird] [Stubborn/Caring]

Outgoing: Kaluwa is a little bundle of joy, always loud and playful, and never shy. Although many admire her for her outgoing personality, she can often be seen as annoying and troublesome. Kaluwa can be a tad on the touchy side, and sort of forgets about personal space and boundaries. She also doesn't really register the whole "I don't like you" concept and thinks everyone is her friend even if they are blunt about it, she can be a tad... well dumb. But know that Kaluwa is very open and constantly excited, a furball of endless energy and excitement, not a bone of unhappiness in her, but thats mostly because she has no recollection of her past either. 

Humorous: Serious- what does that even mean? NOTHING according to Kaluwa! Who needs stress and anger when theres jokes and fun to have!? This lil' girl never seems to get sad and is always playing pranks and having fun! This makes her childish in the eyes of many, but in another way, it makes her an amazing cheetah to be around! Because of her past and the fact she doesn't remember anything from it, she doesn't feel the need to express depression and unhappiness, or at least, not yet. Shes like a new born cub in a older cheetah's body. 

Clumsy: Physically and mentally, Kaluwa is a total cluts. Forgetful and kitten like, it was no wonder why her parents named her Paka. She falls and trips all over the place, as if her paws are made of spaghetti. This is often seen as a bad quality since she often trips and misses out on prey when hunting hints why she became a Healer Tyro, healing might be the only physical thing shes good at. It was a surprise that she survived as long as she did on her own. Mentally, Kaluwa stumbles with thoughts and her own obvious mental issues with her memory loss and often forgets things, but nothing big like her past, more like forgetting someones name, thats why she is constantly giving others pet names.

Weird: She gives others pet names, talks to herself as if she is rping herself in real life, always happy, oblivious to anger and displeasure, what else could be weird about this character? Well... lets just say theres not much about her that could be considered normal.

Stubborn/Caring: I threw these two traits together since there wasn't much of a reason to write a bunch about both. Either way, her stubbornness came from Peponi and its a good trait in her since it assures that she is dedicated and head strong about her duties as a Hunter Tyro, She does NOT back down, when she want's something, she gets it one way or another. If you don't want her to hunt for you, too bad, she does what she want's. This stubbornness can be taken as caring as well. She cares for all living things and want's to be useful to her tribe since she can't seem to do anything right. It's okay though, she loves to help and her weird nature and clumbsyness makes her a poor senty but her hunting skills are progressing.

Gift: Gift Of Mimicking

Brief History:
    It seems long ago that the two met and decided to abandon their tribes for one another. Jaheim, the Ex-Sunnning Rocks chief, and the beautiful Crowded Water member, Peponi fell in love after a chance meeting at the border. Being the chief, Jaheim attempted to distance himself from Peponi, but he couldn't hide the amazing feeling the she-cat gave him. It was like a Romeo and Juliet, star crossed lover sort of story. 
Everyday the two met, causing the Sunning Rocks tribe to fall a little short on duties and responsibilities, Jaheim wasn't doing his job. Once Kokoto, the healer found out Jaheim was secretly meeting Peponi, the two decided that they couldn't continue this sort of meeting. Jaheim refused to let her go, refused to break off the relationship, and thus asked Peponi to join Sunning Rocks Tribe, but out of fear of asking Ari's permission, the two decided to abandon the tribes and become loners. 
It was a hard decision for both to just simply leave the tribes, especially since Jaheim was the chief why would he just leave!? 
But the two left and never looked back, giving up what life they would have to endure to be together even if it is in isolation. After a season or two, Peponi became pregnant and Jaheim ran himself to the bone to get meals for his mate and coming cubs. The two were so happy together until the day Peponi's water broke.
Without a healer, the pregnancy took a turn for the worst. Peponi began bleeding out and died during the childbirth, leaving Jaheim and his two daughters to survive without her. 

    The ex-chief thought of ending his own life to join Peponi in death, but this two daughters, new borns and in need of mothers milk. He named the beautiful lighter cub Maua ya Peponi, after her mother and the younger cub, Paka. But now, he had to find a way to feed his daughters, or else they would soon die. In frantic search, Jaheim found a lone cheetah couple, and with some convincing, Jaheim begged them to allow them to feed his daughters, and in return her would hunt for them. The couple, whos names were Badriya and Dogo, agreed, but they would only feed the cubs until they could eat solids, which is a year for cheetah cubs.
Jaheim understood and began his new job of hunting for the couple while Maua and Paka suckled on Badriya. After a year, Jaheim took his cubs and left Dogo and Badriya to peace and allowing Jaheim to be the father he always wished he could be.

    But due to a stampede, Jaheim, Maua, and Paka were separated. The roar of bounding hoofs and snorts of running wildebeast, and nothing was left in their wake except the young cheetah. Paka woke the next morning, in a ditch and blood oozing from her skull. There was no sign of Maua or Jaheim. 
Wait.... who's Paka...? Waking up that morning, the cheetah didn't remember a thing. She could remember sounds and warmth but, nothing else. No voices, no names, no colors. The now nameless cheetah went along her way aimlessly until she stumbled upon the tribes new home and meeting Askari, the Crowded Water Tribe chief. Because of her colors and personality Ari allowed Paka to join Crowded Water Tribe and become a hunter Tyro, and renamed her Kaluwa since Ari figured she was a child of his ex- Peponi and the ex-chief of Sunning Rocks Tribe. Although knowing the truth about Kaluwa, he didn't tell her about her past and left her mind to be lost, but in honesty she preferred it that way.

    Ari attempted to see what sort of Tyro she should be and tested her, but was a poor hunter. Her feet slipped over the dirt and grass, she could never catch her prey for  she was too loud and tripped easily. When tested to be a Sentry, she was too tiny and friendly to defend herself. Was she worth even being a member of the tribe? Kaluwa was given a mentor, but they would have a definite touch time with Kaluwa and her poor hunting skills. 

Ari died during the great battle, causing Kaluwa to feel sadness for the first time in her life. He had accepted her and despite his rough outside, she could see through that into him- just how Peponi once had done. 

Other Info
- Kaluwa's real name is Paka
- Kaluwa has memory loss and remembers nothing from her past
-Kaluwa talks in third person sometimes
-This cutie looks a lot like her mama <3
-Kaluwa likes to give people pet names

- Furever by PhemieC=…
-  TBA

.:THK:. Peponi by icrystalline
Jaheim Cheif Of The Tribe Of SR by ipann
When she was just a girl, she expected the world by cozyy

Heartchart N/A

Roleplay Example:

"Kaluwa stalks her prey, following the scent of blood. The prey watches the plains, unaware that his thrashing makes him easier to follow as the cheetah-ness crept along the long and tall grass, readying her paws for the killing pounce." the spotted animal whispered to herself, watching a darker cheetah, another Tyro in her Tribe to be exact, sit comfortably in the tall grass.
Kaluwa licked her jaws chirping more as she neared the male, sneaking up on him, her whispers and chirps were like dialog of what she was physically doing, "He is unaware of the cheetah's presence, her claws itch for the feeling of his flesh beneath them, as she POUNCES!" Kaluwa suddenly leaps from the tall grass hiding her body, bounding at the male cheetah, her chocolate brown eyes shown with excitement and play.
Kaluwa is new to the tribe of course, and doesn't remember her past, which is probably due to the aching pump on her head, she wondered what caused her to forget her name and even what she looked like, not that it mattered anymore. She was far to busy causing trouble in the Crowded Water to think about silly things like that.

Peponi (c) cozyy
Jaheim and Kaluwa/Paka (c) Me

All rights reserved to rightful owners, please do not trace, copy, steal, nor claim as your own, Thank You :)
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